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Asia-Pacific based organizations, does your company utilize any of the following:

  • Various Metals (各种金属)
  • Inorganic Compounds (无机化合物)
    (Sulfide, Acetate, Oxide & Tin Oxide)
  • Reclaimed / Recycled (回收/再循环)
    (i.e. programs for indium, gallium, germanium, and tin)
  • Thin-Film Materials (薄膜材料)
    (materials for: Sputtering, Evaporation, Ink Printing, Plating)
  • Solders & Solder Paste / Powders (焊料和焊膏/粉末)
  • Thermal Interface Materials (导热界面材料)
  • Braze Alloys (钎焊合金)
  • NanoFoil (纳米箔)
  • Flux & Epoxy (助焊剂和环氧树脂)

If interested in American-made source & raw materials listed above and you would like a localized bridge between New York and the Asia-Pacific region, get in-touch with me! 12 facilities worldwide including China (中国), Japan (日本) and Korea (대한민국) to assist!