Do you value TRUE liberty and the individual responsibility that goes with it?

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If this sounds good to you I need the following support:

  1. Know the “steps”: Get a copy of your city or city / town’s charter, which will outline the requirements for getting my name on the ballot.
  2. Gain support of local party: Seeing as I am NOT an advocate of party politics and the established mainstream parties, I’ll work with virtually ANY and ALL organizations that I can have common ground with. That said, it’s likely that I’m more in-tune with the “Independents” and “Libertarians”.
  3. Petition: I’ll likely need to file a petition with the local government in order to run for office. Each town or city will have its own number of signatures that must  be collected with the petition in order for it to be validated. Most of the time, the collection of signatures and the filing of a petition will be accomplished within a certain time frame. The number of signatures you will need can be found in your city’s charter.
  4. Consider Option of a Write-In Campaign: If getting enough signatures within the designated time frame is infeasible, establish a strong write-in campaign. On each ballot, the voter has the option of writing the name of the person they would like to see as mayor.
  5. Build a Staff: Gather and build a decent-sized and dedicated staff to help the campaign trail, i.e. Campaign Manager, Treasurer, and Fundraiser.
  6. Financing: This can be accomplished by petitioning members of the community and organizations for donations or via private funding. Special Interest Groups that will demand “favors” and what not SHOULD NOT be utilized!