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I am the founder of XoMoX Consulting + Development. Ltd, a creative consulting and project management company registered in New York City and Hong Kong. I have developed brand strategies, designs and digital solutions for some of the most recognized brands and corporations in the Retail, Fasion & Entertainment, Hospitality, Science & Technology and NGO / Non-Profit sectors. I am skilled at concept formation and design development; setting the project concept; and directing architects, consultants and client teams from design development to project completion. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications and an Associates degree in Advertising Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I also studied Film & Television, Sociology, the Psychology of Language and Political Theory at New York University.




consulting + development

New York & Shanghai / 上海

Co-Founder / Project Mgr.

2012 – 2018

Conceptualization and management of branding & positioning, product development, sales & marketing strategies, P/R, web design, multimedia, and interior design projects. Working with clients in the Design, Fashion & Entertainment, FMCG, Luxury Products, Hospitality, F&B and Travel & Tourism sectors. Responsible for leading teams to set short and long-term goals. Work with international and cross-functional teams to initiate and coordinate new product development and launches, communications and integrated marketing campaigns.

Shiny Bay Design

Shanghai / 上海

Project Developer & Interior Designer

2013 – 2014

Contractor with this architectural firm to deliver concepts and designs for a number of restaurant / brewery projects in Shanghai and other cities in China. Focus on interior design, aspects of urban planning, landscape design and mixed-usage.

TóngJì University


Shanghai / 上海



Designed and delivered lectures and conducted focus groups related to urban development and food production systems for a United Nations sponsored Sustainable Development program.


sushi • grill • lounge

Shanghai / 上海

Managing Partner

2011 – 2012

Conceptualized and designed overall theme and oversaw it’s build-out. Implemented a New Concept Menu. Was responsible for staff training and day-to-day operations including: negotiating with suppliers, inventory control and accounting. Established promotional strategies while designing the marketing materials and social media campaigns.


World Food Sovereignty Project

Buenos Aires & Phnom Penh

Co-Founder / Director

2008 – 2010

For this initiative aimed at food security via strategic planning, I developed multimedia presentations and other info. systems to be presented to NGOs, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and governments. Traveled extensively in China, S.E. Asia and South America to give lectures and presentations at a wide variety of seminars.

Naked Cow

Shanghai / 上海

Creative Consultant & Brand Strategist


Oversaw the re-design and re-positioning of the restaurant into a newly themed venue. Conceptualized the design, theme, menu and identity in order to bring about a more cohesive and successful brand identity that was coupled with an aggressive marketing strategy. Heavy market research was conducted in order to identify market potentials and increase awareness and revenue.

American Craft Beers

now: “DXCEL”

Shanghai / 上海

Head of Mktg. & Development

2005 – 2007

Constructed and implemented an entire marketing and sales strategy to promote micro brewed American beers for this Shanghai based importer and distribution company. Conducted heavy market research that led to establishing key accounts among high-end restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Built and managed a sales and marketing team in Shanghai and set up and trained other regional teams around China.

Red Passion

Wuhan / 武汉

Creative Director / Lead Designer


Contracted to conceptualize, theme, design and oversee the build-out through launch phase of a mixed-use venue. The end result was a super club / café, night club and KTV rolled into one building beside a lake in the city center.

Royal Thai

Bangkok บางกอก

Business Development Consultant


Established a new customer service team of about 7 people in order for the company to direct sales to key accounts in North America and Europe. Developed a marketing and sales strategy that opened up key accounts with transnational brand names such as: St Regis, Novotel and Sheraton. Developed product lines that met demands and trends of target markets while crafting sales strategies and materials to support these efforts. Established a method of communications between the customer service department and clients that utilized contemporary IT services that resulted in rich media presentations and tools that allowed clients to monitor global projects over the Internet.


Coalition for the International Criminal Court

New York & the Hague

Head of Communications

2003 – 2004

Acted as an integral partner in the phase of the Coalition becoming fully engaged with all aspects of the ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague. Responsible for the development and implementation of communications strategies. Specific goals were: Increasing the visibility of ICC and Rome Statute system of international justice, promotion of civil society perspectives on the ICC and the communications of campaigns aimed at developing advocacy strategies.


New York

Contract Consultant

2002 – 2003

Served as a Consulting Partner providing creative business development. Services included web development, media planning and buying, technology, innovation, emerging media, analytics, mobile, advertising, creative, social influence marketing and search. Was integral in establishing Intervision-Razorfish, a joint venture based in Tokyo.


consulting + development

New York

Founder / Creative Director

1997 – 2002

Established this boutique creative firm in New York’s trendy SoHo district. Primarily focused upon conceptualizing and implementing unique brand and marketing strategies mainly for the realm of the “DOT-COM” realm for small start- ups as well as businesses involved in the entertainment and fashion industries. Clients included: Macy’s and Bloomingdales’s department stores,  MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) MTVSwatch, Herman Miller and Pro-Bono projects was done for organizations such as: the Chinatown Partnership, and DIFFA (Design Industries & Friends Fighting AIDS).

Swirl, Inc.

South Beach, Miami

General Manager

1996 – 1997

Redesigned, repositioned and managed this South Beach venue. Conducted heavy communications with the local government and community boards while conceptualizing marketing and event strategies. Inevitably, turned the space into a profitable venture.

Limelight, Inc.

New York

Event Producer / Promotor

1993 – 1996

As an Event Producer, Promoter and Multi-Media Developer I was involved in extensive Artist Development and Tour Design / Production for artists such as: Moby, Dee-Lite / Lady Miss Kier, Run DMC, Public Enemy, the Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Björk and numerous others. Also acted as as a Creative Consultant for films such as: “Bad Lieutenant” (1992) directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Harvey Keitel, “Kids” (1995) featuring Chloë Sevigny, “Smoke” (1995) directed by Wayne Wang and starring: Harvey Keitel and William Hurt, Dinner Rush (2000) directed by: Bob Giraldi and starring: Danny Aiello, Party Monster (2003) featuring Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green and Marilyn Manson, and TV shows such as: “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order”, and “Sex and the City”.

Saatchi & Saatchi

New York

Associate Media Planner

1992 – 1993

Worked with the Media Supervisor to develop strategic channel/media approaches that met client objectives. Developed a considered vehicle lists, i.e. considered sites, publications, lists, etc. Assisted in the research and development of the recommendation document. Utilized media research tools and resources to aid in development.


Fashion Inst. of Technology NYC

Bachelor in Advertising & Marketing Communications
1991 - 1995

Gained the knowledge and skills necessary in the communications industry, such as Advertising Management, Strategy and Creative Execution, Public Relations, Publicity, Fashion Journalism, Corporate Communications, Media Planning, Electronic Media Production, IMC Management, and Brand Management.

New York University

1990 - 1993

Undergrad studies in: Film & Television, Political Theory, Sociology, Psychology, Perception, Cognition and Psychology of Language.

Additional Education

Mobile UI Workshop

May 2016

International WordPress Workshop

Sep 2015

Web Design Workshop

May 2015

Spanish Language Cources

Oct 2014 – Mar 2016

CEO Workshop

May 2014


Personal Skills

  • Team Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Deligence
  • Reliability
  • Personal Integrity
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Great Communicator
  • Rigor
  • Responsible
  • Funny
  • Labour








Profesional Skills

  • Google Analytics & SEO
  • Instal and Configure
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Photo Composition
  • Good sense of Typography
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Video Editing

Software Knowledge




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